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The Jura: the seven fundamental "stereotypes"

Permanent displays

The Jura  :

but which Jura are we talking about?
The Jurassic : history can also be read in the landscape and in layers of rock!
The "Tête de Moine"  :  references to a Christian past are scattered throughout the daily lives of the Jura's people.
Farm-Spruce-Horse : every place has its "trademark" image, so what about the Jura?
A flag : we can find out about the youngest Swiss canton through its flag.
The lathe : viewed from outside, the Jura is a world of clock and watch-making, of precision and of micromechanics.
The end of the world? : 

"The Jura? But it's the end of the world..." True or false?

Beginning with the "stereotypes" and symbols of the youngest Swiss canton, the permanent displays shed light on the events and the environments that have left their mark on the Jura and its inhabitants.

Seven exhibition spaces that can be visited independently of each other.


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